Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Desk. Live always remains in the discussion for its great offers and becomes the cause of concern for other telecom companies. Giving a spectacular offer, live, with the 112 GB free data, came with a bizarre offer. According to Geo's official website, the user must first add one of his friends, who wants to buy a live phone.

After that, he will have to call his 1800-890-8900 phone number and give his existing mobile number and postcode. Through this offer, any user who is willing to buy a live phone will be sent to a specified address and users will be able to take a call from the same shop. After buying the live phone you will get eight GB extra data with validity of four days.

To avail of 112 GB data, users will have to buy live phones from their 10 friends. Apart from this, two users will also get a chance to participate in the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan show every week.

Hello friends Welcome to the world of high tech news, yes yes you read the title right in the title. Friends, you must know that Jiao's cricket pass offer was launched on behalf of Xiao's IPL. In which you were given 2 GB of data every day for giving 251 rupees, and the validity of this plan was kept for 51 days. But now Xiao has made this plan free for all its users. So today we will talk to you, how can you get this plan for free. So let's know.
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