Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gandhinagar: The Board Has Clarified The Dates Of The Result Of Standard 10 On Social Media Being Viral.

Gandhinagar: The board has clarified the dates of the result of standard 10 on social media being viral. The board has clarified that no date has been declared by the Board. May 23 will meet the examinations committee. The meeting will be announced after the meeting.

The marksheet is going after five types of process. The date is declared after the marksheet is ready. The date is declared three days before the result. And on the dates of the results, parents are not allowed to be misconstrued.

It is noteworthy that news has emerged in social media that the results of the standard 10 will be announced on June 2.

And the result can be declared between the dates of 28 to 31. There were also news flows. But the Gujarat Secondary Education Board has clarified that all these dates are false. No date has been scheduled yet. The examination committee will be held on May 23. The examination date will then be determined. Thus, no date has been fixed on the result of standard 10.

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