Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Jamadar Model Paper Download Here

GSSSB 145/144/210718/ Recruitment GSSSB Jamadar, Inspector Syllabus answer key Result Gujarat Gandhinagar, under the control department of the Secretariat of the Secretariat, the Directorate of Control, Department of Prohibition and Excise, the direct recruitment hierarchy displayed below under the jamadar class-3 and Nirikshak inspector class-3 cadre, on the basis of merit, candidates are requested to submit online-on-line application forms from the OJAS website. For this, the subscribers are requested to go to ojas web-site at 05/2002 / 11/2017 (Lunch 14-00 hours) to dt. An online-line application is required for 18/11/2017 (up to 11.59 hours of time in the night).The detailed disclosures to apply (including those in the advertisement). The entire advertisement must read carefully before the on-line application.
While applying on-line, no certificates will be attached on the website. But when applying on-line, the applicant must fill in the entire details in the on-line application based on the details of the certificates. Hence, to fill the entire details based on the certificates in the on-line application, along with all the certificates such as educational qualification, age, school leaving certificate, caste, physical malfunction (if applicable), and other certificates of other qualifications as well as other qualifications. Living. So that the application can not be canceled due to incorrect details of the application.The examination Selection Process
The examination method will be shown in the paragraph in the selection process.
Competitive written test in the first stage of the preliminary type

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