Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tektronix revamps logo, updates strategy

The Tektronix oscilloscope has been a hardware staple on engineers’ lab benches for 70 years. As the Washington County company begins its eighth decade, Tek is thinking more about software.

Oscilloscopes measure the electronic output from a device so engineers can assess how it’s performing. It’s a key tool in designing and improving every kind of electronics, from TV sets to smartphones. But it’s no longer enough, says Tek President Pat Byrne.
Tektronix marks its 70th birthday Monday with a revamped logo, an updated strategy and – in the months ahead – a new owner.

As electronics grow more sophisticated, Tek President Pat Byrne said the company needs to sell more than a scope. It needs, he said, to offer products tailored for specific fields – computing, communications, automotive and the like.
“That really is a significant movement from being a hardware box,” Byrne said. “We need to become more savvy and knowledgeable about these applications and markets.”
Along with an updated strategy, Tek is also getting a new logo to accompany a new era. The new one is a two-tone, sans-sarif update that replaces one adopted in 1992, ancient times in the tech industry. (The original logo, which lasted 40 years, famously trumpeted the Tektronix-name in bold, comic-book style in front of an oscilloscope’s signature sine wave.)

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