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SalesForce Sotwer

The  Salesforce  is an American company of  on demand software  (a software application), best known for producing the CRM Sales Cloud called. In addition to this solution, the company has other products focused on customer service, marketing, artificial intelligence, community management, application creation among other fronts. Salesforce solutions are suitable for SMBs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and also for large corporations.

Company [ edit  | edit source-code ]

Founded in 1999, by Marc Benioff, former Oracle executive in a period that was little talked about cloud computing. [1]
The company is present in more than 23 countries and invoices annually on average $ 7 billion.
In 2013, the company opened its first office in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo.
Recently published in its fiscal year 2016 report, ending January 31, 2016, total revenues of $ 6.205 billion. [2]


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