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Docs, spreadsheets, and chat – all in one place

Quip combines your team's work and communication in one central hub that's accessible from every device. Spend less time on meetings and email, and more time getting things done.

Documents that live and breathe teamwork

A Quip document is more than words on a page — it's a canvas for real-time communication and collaboration. Watch your team's workflow reinvent itself with dynamic documents, lists, tasks, spreadsheets, and @ mentions.

The first spreadsheet built for together

Say goodbye to clunky, static grids, and say hello to spreadsheets designed for teams. All the data-crunching goodness you expect, in a modern, social, and contextual interface.

Talk about work where the work is happening

Chat is built into every document and spreadsheet, so it’s easy to discuss, revise, and reach final decisions right alongside your work — instead of losing them in email threads or chat apps.

One place for everything

Stay organized and in sync with folders for teams, departments, and projects. Quip's cloud-based docs and spreadsheets are constantly up to date with everyone's edits, and give your team all the access and visibility they need to do their jobs.

Bring your Salesforce data to life

Connect the world's leading CRM to your favorite productivity suite. Add real-time Salesforce data to Quip's living documents to make better decisions and work better together.

We get it. Change is hard.

Quip is great for launching initiatives, building spreadsheets, and working closely with teammates. Start a free trial of Quip today – no credit card required, all the Quip features, and unlimited users and storage. Get started now!

Salesforce’s Quip acquires ex-Facebook designer studio Unity&Variety

Some ex-Facebook designers will be adding extra pizzazz to Salesforce’s word processing company Quip, which today acquired Unity&Variety. Founded in 2015 by Joey Flynn and Drew Hamlin after several years designing products at Facebook, Unity&Variety released a cute mobile game called Pinchworm last year. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but we’re awaiting comment from both companies’ execs.

Flynn, Hamlin and employee Andy Chung posted a short note on their website today saying “Here at Unity&Variety we’ve been cranking on some new productivity tools. We’re hyped to announce that starting today we’ll be continuing our work with our talented friends over at Quip, a Salesforce company.”

[Update: Quip CEO Bret Taylor tells TechCrunch “The team is three people and was working on a compelling productivity tool, so we are buying their IP and team. They are going to work on their existing tool and contribute to Quip broadly.”]
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