Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Build interactive relationships customers love
Service fluctuating call volumes with on-demand scalability
Expand your workforce to any location
Identify callers and route them to the right agents
Analyze customer interactions and boost call center productivity
Support for multiple inbound contact center channels

NICE inContact’s solutions for inbound call centers help you deliver outstanding customer experiences. You’ll have the tools you need to immediately connect callers with the right agents, scale capacity when inbound call center volumes spike, and boost agents’ productivity while enabling quick first contact resolution.

Identify callers and route them to the right agents

Our ACD software’s skill-based routing means that callers are quickly matched to the right agents who can best help them. You can direct callers to agents based on agents’ skills and/or experience levels. You’ll get efficient call resolution and happy customers.

Combine with leading CRMs

By integrating our Cloud Contact Center Platform with a CRM system, inbound call centers get valuable information about callers even before they pick up the phone. We identify callers through a unique identifier, such as their phone number or account number. Using CTI screen pops, that information can be displayed on an agent’s screen to create a personalized call experience.

Tight integration between our IVR and ACD for inbound contact centers

Since we developed both our IVR and ACD, they’re tightly integrated and built into NICE inContact CXone. That means agents won’t need to repeatedly request a customer’s account number or phone number.

Support for multiple inbound call center channels

Let customers choose how they want to interact with you with our ACD software. inContact supports inbound contact center inquiries made via voice, email and chat. And it’s easy for agents to manage all those communication channels with our universal queue.

Service fluctuating call volumes with on-demand scalability

Never worry again about seasonal call spikes – our Cloud Contact Center Platform allows you to easily scale the number of agents required. On-demand scalability means your inbound contact center’s service levels improve, hold times are reduced, and customers are delighted.
Workforce Management Software enables organizations to forecast volume and schedule the necessary resources to handle the forecasted volume. Modern Workforce Management solutions can forecast volume for all channels to include; voice, email, chat, SMS/text, and social media. An accurate forecast is key in ensure the right amount of resources are available with minimal idol time protecting operational efficiency. Workforce Management systems should also provide the ability to make intraday adjustments based on actual volume arrival and agent schedule adherence. Additionally, there should be a systemic component that aids in the management and scheduling of agent time off needs and shift swaps/adjustments.
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