Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Idera Updates SQL Compliance Manager, Diagnostic Manager and Safe Backup

Idera, Inc., provider of application and server management solutions, updated to its products including SQL Compliance Manager, SQL Diagnostic Manager and SQL Safe Backup.
The new features highlight the company’s commitment to bringing ease of use, efficiency and performance to database administrators (DBAs).
As part of this announcement, Idera has added support for Hyper-V to SQL Diagnostic Manager, the company’s 24×7 performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics solution. With support for Hyper-V, which is gaining share of the hypervisor market, customers can now monitor the performance of physical and virtual server environment across both VMware and Microsoft.
In addition, Idera has added advanced SQL Server 2014 support to each of these new releases.
The updates to SQL Compliance Manager and SQL Safe Backup as well as the introduction of Hyper-V support for SQL Diagnostic Manager are based on customer feedback and introduce a range of new features that help organizations eliminate downtime, increase productivity and lower costs.
Enhancements to SQL Diagnostic Manager include:
  • Hyper-V support extends SQL Diagnostic Manager virtual support providing more extensive insight into the performance of customers’ virtual systems. Users can track and monitor Hyper-V performance metrics for a complete view of the virtualized server and physical host.
  • Advanced monitoring and alerting allow users to define specific alert responses that are triggered after multiple user defined key metric thresholds have been breached.
  • Tech preview of the new SQL Diagnostic Manager console provides non-DBAs with quick access to the overall health and status of the SQL Server environment from any browser.
Enhancements to SQL Safe Backup include:
  • Availability group support recognizes which AlwaysOn Availability Group replica is defined as the preferred replica in SQL Server and applies that backup. If the preferred replica goes offline, future backups are taken from the new preferred replica. Users can also restore backups taken from multiple replicas in the same availability group database.
  • Support for SQL Server Express features backup, restore and log shipping polices for SQL Server Express Edition. In addition, the SQL Safe repository is now supported on SQL Server Express.
  • Centralized multi-instance licensing enhances users ability to deploy SQL Safe in large enterprise environments.
Enhancements to SQL Compliance Manager include:
  • Scheduled repository archiving provides advanced automation features allowing users to schedule automated repository archives and more efficiently manage their systems.
  • Compliance Configuration Wizard offers step-by-step help for attaining SQL compliance.
  • SNMP alert notifications allow users to use SNMP to send alerts when critical SQL Server events occur.
Our customers drive value every day by managing database and application performance challenges. Our goal is to provide the tools, guidance and resources that make it as easy as possible for them to stay ahead of these issues and be more effective and proactive DBAs,” said Randy Jacops, CEO, Idera. “With more and more customers virtualizing database platforms, adding deep Hyper-V support to our already best-in-class VMware support was a big focus for this release.”
Idera customers can upgrade to receive these latest releases through the Idera customer portal. New users may download trial versions from the Idera website.

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