Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Use insights from guest data to understand dining decisions and create personalized communications that build loyalty

Set prices confidently with Fishbowl analytical services that ensure maximum tables turned
Leverage 360 CRM data to design campaigns and promotions to win back lapsed guests, acquire new ones, and drive repeat visits

Develop, test and measure campaigns that optimize your stores’ marketing channels, so you can determine true ROI

Tailor your messaging to each customer’s preferred content, timing, and channel to win share of stomach and brand affinity

Deliver authentically local messaging and a consistent brand image

Create programs to foster loyal relationships with individuals that maximize value for both your brand and guests

Deliver closed-loop promotions to influence in-store behavior, optimize discounts, and reduce fraud
Develop relationships with guests no matter how frequently they visit


A true understanding of each individual guest is essential to relevant and delightful interactions that build authentic loyalty. Fishbowl’s platform combines extensive restaurant experience with powerful data analytics to give you the guest insight to outperform the competition.
Guest Analytics
Total Menu Management
Media Analytics
Trade Area
Attitude & Usage
Guest Acquisition


Leverage omni-channel marketing automation to reach guests at their preferred touchpoints. Fishbowl’s platform integrates the knowledge of guests’ behavior and needs so you can engage them with personalized experiences that drive sales, visits, and loyalty.
Enterprise Email
Local Store Marketing
Push Notifications
Social Media
Marketing Automation


Maximize the value of the relationships between your brand and guests with tools that enhance the brand experience both in-store and out-of-store.
Promotions Manager

Whether you’re new to the platform, ready to take your program to the next level or need additional support, Fishbowl experts are always available to help. We offer a wide variety of services to help optimize results across email, social and mobile channels, and analytics consulting that help you make the right decisions for your business.

Strategy Development

Leverage Fishbowl’s extensive restaurant expertise, best practices and marketing know-how to:
  • Help set yearly and quarterly business goals
  • Develop marketing strategies that ensure these goals are met
  • Campaign Development

    With expertise planning and developing campaigns from beginning to end, Fishbowl can serve as your virtual staff to help you:
    • Create campaign plans and tactics
    • Manage timelines, production, and deployment
    • Set relevant KPIs and reporting metrics
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