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Definition: A cloud server is a hosted piece of infrastructure - typically accessed through a cloud control panel - that allows companies to individually and dynamically manage IT resources (hardware and software) and align them to the scope and requirements of a given IT project. This means that you can flexibly manage your website hosting options and IT resources with unparalleled precision. In fact, with our simple and intuitive hot-add resize feature, the 1&1 Cloud Server gives webmasters the freedom to increase the amount of storage, processing power and RAM via sliders – while benefittng from uninterrupted access and full functionality at all times. This means that your dynamic resources within your cloud server can grow seamlessly alongside your website – giving you ultimate control and peace of mind.

A cloud server is particularly suitable for web projects of larger online start-ups, eCommerce or corporate applications such as intranets, CRM and ERP systems. Thanks to the combined security and performance features of the cloud server, both dynamic performance and data security are guaranteed. Security and performance are the most important elements of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provided by 1&1. These include SAN storage for increased protection, integrated and automatic backups, additional IP addresses, SSL certificates and a choice of professional anti-virus solutions depending on your preference. Together, these feature-sets combine to create a truly comprehensive cloud server suitable for a range of professional applications.

Although many medium-sized businesses have previously considered taking advantage of dynamic resources within cloud servers, until now, there has been a distinct lack of reliable services that are also easy to use. Thankfully, 1&1 now offers the very best security, reliability and simplicity for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to get started with cloud servers in the US.Thanks to advances in cloud server technology, users now have the ability to deploy new virtual machines in 55 seconds for the fastest server setup. Alongside this, 1&1 provides the option to define private networks and create additional users with individual rights at any time – giving you and your collaborators even greater control. In addition, with the ability to share information through NFS and CIFS protocols, you can take advantage of an integrated load balancer that allows you to distribute your workload over several servers with just a few clicks. With SSD storage space, you can benefit from the latest storage technology combined with cloud server technology.

Offering the best value for money anywhere on the Internet, 1&1's cloud server options provide access to 100 GB SSD storage at $7.20 per month, 1 vCore at $7.20 per month and 1 GB RAM at $7.20 per month. However, should you only use your cloud server for 15 days, you will only be charged for that amount of time. For example, if you create a basic configuration (1 vCore, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD with Linux CentOS) this would work out to $15.84 per month. If you then use this configuration for just 10 days, 20 hours and 10 minutes, you will have used approximately 33% of a 30 day month. Once the cost is broken down, you will be charged just $5.22 (33% of $15.84) at the end of the month.

Another great feature of dynamic cloud servers is that you are free to either increase or decrease your services and capacity at any time. This ensures ultimate flexibility within your cloud server hosting package – helping you to keep down costs without compromising the functionality and accessibility of your website.

All features found within 1&1's cloud servers are ready and waiting for you to access them. These include pre-installed app templates, fully integrated backup options, advanced monitoring systems that allow you to configure and monitor all of your network resources, and full API so you can carry out any actions either through the 1&1 Cloud Panel or through your software of choice – wherever you may be. In addition to this, new virtual machines can be added in less 55 seconds through our Fast Server Deployment feature, allowing for super-quick setup times.

In addition, as leaders within our industry, 1&1 has been at the cutting edge of Internet and cloud server technologies since 2001 – embracing innovation and excellence at every turn. 1&1 has always been committed to the very best customer service and we are happy to provide expert advice where we can.

This means that you can count on 1&1 to help you get setup with a minimum of fuss. Rest assured, our highly knowledgeable technicians are available to take your query or question via telephone or e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – meaning that any setup issues regarding your dynamic resources within your cloud server can be dealt with immediately.

Cloud servers from 1&1 offer many powerful features to help you enjoy the very best in web hosting. All of our packages come with super-fast SSD storage standard, shared storage, SAN storage, integrated load balancing, a KVM console, integrated backups and a comprehensive user and rights management system. Hot-add resizing without downtime penalties also comes as part of the package. In addition to this, 1&1 has also placed emphasis on optimizing the cloud server dashboard for increased usability. This means that your cloud server is easy to setup and maintain well into the future.

1&1 has also incorporated API features that allow the automation of all routine operations such as server configuration. This means that, in just a few simple clicks, you can setup new servers and manage the administration of existing servers in real time from the 1&1 dashboard. Finally, with the inclusion of advanced SSL certificates and access to NFS and CIFS protocols, you have comprehensive control of your dynamic resources in your cloud server at all times. Sign up for the very best in cloud server technology from 1&1 today.

Yes, thanks to the multitude of 1&1 Data Centers you can choose where exactly you would like your cloud server to be hosted. Especially in regard to optimizing loading time, it is beneficial for the server to be located as close to you as possible. That is why 1&1 offers you a choice between cloud servers located in USA, Germany and Spain – free of charge. The cloud panel also allows you to choose between data centers for the creation of virtual machines later on.

Yes, with the clone function in the cloud panel you can easily move already existing virtual machines to a different data center in the USA, Germany or Spain. Please note, that this will automatically change the IP address to one belonging to the new data center. Our support team is here to help you around the clock at 1-866-991-2631.
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